Tantrum Toolkit: Strategies for Child Meltdowns
Mini Course for Parents & Educators

Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and unsure about your child's tantrums?

Learn tantrum parenting strategies from Frances Fishman, a leading professional expert in child behavior and development.

Let Frances guide you on:

  • Understanding tantrums

  • Strategies to prevent tantrums before they start

  • How to react and calm things down when tantrums do happen


Learn From a Top Pro 

Frances Fishman, a leading expert in child behavior, guides you to answers with research-backed information and professional strategies.

Receive New Tools

Whether you see a meltdown coming or get caught off-guard, you'll receive strategies to be ready both before and after they start. 

Every Child is Unique

And this course gets that! Frances gives tons of examples and ways to handle tantrums, that let you find what fits best for you and your child.

Watch a Preview of the Mini Course

Dive deep into the world of emotions, triggers, and responsive techniques. Regardless of whether your child is neurodivergent, autistic, or simply navigating the usual phases of growing up, this course offers effective strategies for all.


A Note From The Instructor

Hi Parents & Educators, 

As a Behavioral Analyst and a mother of three, I've seen tantrums from many angles.

Each child, whether they face behavioral challenges, have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or are just navigating the typical waves of growing up, has their own way of expressing emotions.

Drawing from my 14+ year experience as a behavior modification professional, this course is designed to resonate with every parent, no matter their child’s age, background, or skill level.

My aim is to provide strategies that are relatable and effective, helping you navigate those challenging moments with clarity and compassion.

Frances Fishman
Founder of The Play Base

"Frances and The Play Base team were compassionate and so knowledgeable.

We know we are lucky to have found such a loving and professional team that puts my mind at ease. Finding the right people to support your child is the most important thing for our family and we are so thankful to be working with The Play Base. "
– M.I 


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