Parenting Neurodiverse Children
Mini Course for Parents & Educators

(The Next Chapter to Our "Free Child’s Autism Mini Course")

This course is perfect for parents of children with conditions that impact learning, processing, and behavior such as:

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Gain new communication techniques, social skills, and more to help you create a warm environment for your autistic child.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Learn new strategies to manage your child's attention challenges, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.


Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Create sensory-friendly environments, enhance coping mechanisms for sensory overload, and foster activities that aid in sensory integration.

Other conditions that impact learning & behavior

This course covers a wide range of strategies, such as education techniques, emotional skills, and communication approaches.

By investing your time into this short and easy course, you can better support your unique child.


⭐5 Star Reviews⭐

Chris P.

"Short and sweet, but covers a wide range of topics and strategies. Definitely helpful for parents of ASD children."

Daniel A.

"All the parents gained a lot of parenting tips and tools to apply to everyday situations."

Melanie M.

[Frances] says
is very valuable."

What You Get With This Mini Course

Learn From an

Frances Fishman, a leading expert in child behavior, guides you to answers with research-backed information and professional strategies.

Unlock Tailored Parenting Strategies

Discover a range of compassionate and effective strategies tailored specifically for parenting neurodiverse children.

Find Out What Works Best for Your Child

This course offers insights and techniques that are adaptable to your unique child, ensuring you feel more confident and equipped in your journey.

Also, you'll receive a certificate upon completion!

Topics Covered

Sensory Processing: Insights into sensory processing challenges and strategies to help your child navigate sensory experiences.

Language Development and Communication: Understanding the unique language development paths in neurodiverse children and effective communication techniques.

Getting Stuck: Learn about the challenges neurodiverse children face in flexible thinking and strategies to help them adapt and thrive.

Stim: Explore the concept of stimming (self-stimulatory behavior), its role in neurodiverse children's lives, and how to approach it positively.

Supporting Your Neurodiverse Child: Practical advice and tips on everyday parenting approaches that honor and support your child’s neurodiversity.

Routines & Changes: How to create and adapt routines that provide stability and comfort to neurodiverse children, and how to handle changes.

Meeting Your Child Where They Are: Techniques to tailor your parenting approach to fit your child's individual needs, fostering growth and understanding.

Play: Discover the power of play in the development and happiness of neurodiverse children, with practical ways to engage.

Meet Your Instructor

 ✅ Frances is the founder of The Play Base, a leading provider of behavioral services.

✅ Frances is a seasoned expert in developmental psychology.

✅ Frances is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, with over 12 years of experience in behavior modification.

✅ Frances is a dedicated advocate for neurodivergent and autistic children.

✅ Frances is a loving mother of three children. ❤️

Frances Fishman blends her professional knowledge with real-world experience to give you a course that is powerful, empathetic, and practical.

A Note From The Instructor

Hi Parents & Educators, 

Welcome to a journey that is both challenging and incredibly rewarding – parenting neurodiverse children. 

I'm Frances Fishman, and I've dedicated over 15 years to understanding and supporting the unique needs of neurodiverse children and their families.

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support your child's growth.

You're on the right track and I can't wait to start this journey with you.

Happy learning!

Frances Fishman
Founder of The Play Base


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Has Your Child Been Recently Diagnosed with Austim?

Has your child’s autism diagnosis left you feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and not knowing what to do?

You’ve come to the right place. This 10-minute mini course will give you some tools to see things through a new lens—and will help set you up for success on your new journey.

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  • Why it’s OK to grieve the loss of your aspirations you may have had for your child
  • The importance of play with your autistic child
  • Ways to encourage communication with your non-verbal child.
  • How to involve siblings and other children.
  • How you can set your child’s therapy team up for success.

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